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12 DAYS of YOGA: halftime report

12 DAYS of YOGA: halftime report

hi there!
we’re pulling into the halfway point of our karma project for the YWCA Safe House! already 12 yogis have completed the 12 class challenge and our hallway is filling up with a bunch of great donations…plus, YOU still have time, even if you haven’t taken any classes yet!
in case you haven’t heard, here’s the challenge: come to class 12 times during the month of december (yes, your classes count even if you haven’t signed up yet) + bring 12 items from the YWCA wish list and we’ll donate $12 to the YWCA services for women and children fleeing domestic violence!

we also have other ways to help in big and small ways. we’re selling mala bead necklaces for $2, all proceeds will go to the YWCA.

…or YOU can sponsor an individual or a family for the holiday…interested? read on!

Diane R.
Age: 53
Size: Large or 10-12
Colors: Black, brown, blue
Would love: Socks, scarves, candles

Age: 12
Shoe Size: 7
Clothing: 14/large pants, large shirt
winter coat: XL
Would love: mini ipod, headphones with music, clothing, jeans, shoes: tennis (nike)

Age: 9
Shoe Size:5
Clothing: 10/L pants, medium shirts
winter coat: L
Would love: skinny jeans, clothing, Vans


Age: 8
Shoe Size: 2
Clothing: 8 pants, medium shirts
winter coat: Medium
Would love: skinny jeans, PJ’s (Justin bieber), anything justin bieber, dolls that can put on and take off make up

Age: 36
Shoe Size: 7
Clothing: Medium/ 7 pant, large shirts
Would love: warm pants, warm boots (black) – like Uggs

age: 25
Shoe size: 7/8
Clothing: 7-8 Medium
age: 25
Shoe size: 7/8
Clothing: 7-8 Medium
PJ’s: M/L
Would love: cute black “ugg” like boots, book bag, stretchy pants

age: 7
Shoe size: 2 boys
Clothing 7/8 Medium
Rain boots: 2 boys
PJ’s: 7-8
Would love: “How to Train Your Dragon” DVD, “K’nex” building blocks