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40 DAYS: week 5 gameplan

40 DAYS: week 5 gameplan

298488_10150398494815730_558565729_10557438_950596222_nwelcome to week 5 of 40 DAYS to PERSONAL REVOLUTION. this week our focus is on developing an ear for the voice of our heart and taking action aligning with that voice.

yoga practice: six days this week. our friday night meeting will count as one practice…get 2 more in the studio.

meditation practice: keep practicing sitting for 5-15 minutes. notice your body, your breath and the space around you. notice the thoughts that arise for you.

use your hands as an anchor. anytime you find yourself wandering off, just bring your awareness back to your hands and start again to notice your body, your breath and the space around you.

focus on what you hear in the still quiet moments. what’s the voice of your heart saying?

balancing diet: this week, you will start to rebuild your diet with energizing, mineral-rich foods.

you will continue the activities from week one:

//drink 100 ounces of water a day

//keep enjoyng:

• large green salad topped with colorful veggies.
• plant–source protein (like VEGA or Amazing Grass) smoothie
• ground flaxseed, sacha inchi seeds and or chia seeds
• serving of raw, juiced or lightly steamed dark greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc)
• serving of coconut water and/or raw coconut oil

// keep eliminating:

• alcohol
• caffeine (green tea is ok)
• sugar (all forms + products)
• refined flour
• meat (including chicken, fish, shellfish)
• dairy products

// keep enjoying:

• apples + pears
• avocado
• berries + cherries
• citrus fruit
• coconut + coconut oil + coconut water
• figs
• ground flaxseed, sacha inchi seeds and or chia seeds
• fresh beans + snap peas
• kale
• lettuces + other greens
• kiwi
• mangoes
• peppers
• melons
• pineapple
• nectarines
• pomegranate
• apricots
• plums
• peaches
• squash
• papaya
• tomatoes

// add the following foods back in, preferably one at a time:

• one serving of raw nuts or seeds
• one serving quinoa, wild/brown rice, buckwheat, gluten-free oats, amaranth or millet
• one serving legumes

self excavation: at our meeting we will answer the following questions in your journal. feel free to continue exploring throughout the week.

1. where, when and with whom do i feel the most grounded? what are the physical, mental and emotional experiences you associate with feeling grounded?
2. how are my daily actions aligning with the desires of my heart?
3. where in your life are you trusting your intuition, desires and intention?