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40 DAYS: week 4 gameplan

40 DAYS: week 4 gameplan

thanksgiving2010welcome to week 4 of 40 DAYS to PERSONAL REVOLUTION. this week our focus is on .

yoga practice: six days this week. our friday night meeting will count as one practice…get 2 more in the studio.

meditation practice: keep practicing sitting for 5-15 minutes. notice your body, your breath and the space around you. notice the thoughts that arise for you.

use your hands as an anchor. anytime you find yourself wandering off, just bring your awareness back to your hands and start again to notice your body, your breath and the space around you.

focus on the clear space between your thoughts. the “blank screen or clean slate” what does it feel like to be clear?

balancing diet: this week, we will spend three days on a fruit and greens cleanse to give the body’s digestive system an opportunity to rest and restore.

you will continue the activities from week one:

//drink 100 ounces of water a day

//add 1-3 items from the list below to your diet each day.

• large green salad topped with colorful veggies.
• plant–source protein (like VEGA or Amazing Grass) smoothie
• ground flaxseed, sacha inchi seeds and or chia seeds
• serving of raw, juiced or lightly steamed dark greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc)
• serving of coconut water and/or raw coconut oil

on days 1-4 you’ll keep eliminating:

• alcohol
• caffeine (green tea is ok)
• sugar (all forms + products)
• refined flour
• meat (including chicken, fish, shellfish)
• dairy products

on days 5-8, you’ll enter a three-day cleanse. you’ll eat only foods from the list below and our list of foods from week 1, combine them any way you choose. you may juice, blend or lightly steam your food. do not add salt or any flavorings that are not on the list below. you may also supplement with a plant source protein shake (like Vega) made with almond milk.

• apples + pears
• avocado
• berries + cherries
• citrus fruit
• coconut + coconut oil + coconut water
• figs
• ground flaxseed, sacha inchi seeds and or chia seeds
• fresh beans + snap peas
• kale
• lettuces + other greens
• kiwi
• mangoes
• peppers
• melons
• pineapple
• nectarines
• pomegranate
• apricots
• plums
• peaches
• squash
• papaya
• tomatoes

self excavation: at our meeting we will answer the following questions in your journal. feel free to continue exploring throughout the week.

1. what excess baggage am i carrying around with me?
2. what thoughts, feelings, worries, or past situations am I clinging to?
3. what would i be relieved to finally release?