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chit chat on the mat…

chit chat on the mat…

one of the best parts of yoga classes is the chit chat we have before and after class…we laugh at each other’s jokes, talk about music, share stories, complain about the teacher’s frequent use of utkatasana (though sometimes we don’t even know each others’ names!)

the yoga studio is a great place for it…and while Zoom has a a lot of benefits, chit chat is tough.

so, we thought we’d set up a little chit-chat forum…where we can check in and talk amongst ourselves while we’re staying@om.

we’d love to hear from you! leave as many comments as you like below and feel free to respond to your friends!

  • threedogyoga

    May 31, 2020 at 8:19 am

    …hey y’all! our discussion topic here is simple: what are the things you’re doing for fun while we’re sheltering in place…what recommendations do you have for your yoga friends? i wholeheartedly recommend The Library Book by Susan Orlean, The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson, and The Masked Rider by Neal Peart. along with takeout from ALL the local places doing such a great job at keeping us from being in continual dishwashing-mode!

  • Abby Karcz

    June 14, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    Hi everyone! I miss all of the chit chat. I thought for now our 4.5 month old, Marley, would have met most of the 3 Dog peeps, but i’ll have to bring him on Zoom sometime soon to say hi. I’m with you Anna on enjoying the local takeout food and supporting our local businesses in whatever way possible!

    We just went to Dillon Beach for the first time yesterday and it was glorious!

    Also tuning into Phish’s “Dinner and a Movie” on Tues nights, plus catching other artists performing on YouTube. Bandsintown.com keeps me updated!

  • Gretchen Giles

    June 17, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    I miss seeing everyone in person so much! Even before the pandemic, my 3DY time was often the most interaction I would have in person all day. Now I just peer into the little boxes on the screen, amazed to finally learn everyone’s names after all this time, and glad to get a small peek at faces I adore.

    That said, I’m really enjoying the Zoom classes. I like that it takes less than a minute to ‘go’ to class; that I can often do the practice in whatever clothes I happen to be wearing (and nowadays, it’s always a haphazard collection of coverings that barely qualify as ‘clothes’); and that I can lie on the floor underneath my computer’s camera during abs and just stare happily at the ceiling with no one being the wiser.

    The pandemic has taught me the importance of noticing the small good things that surround us every day, like the gift of lemons from one neighbor or a vase of free sweet peas set out by another. The camaraderie of the farmers’ market has been another boon.

    Museums have worked very hard to stay present and relevant and the newmuseum.org in NY has a series of ‘bedtime’ stories from famous artists and even the likes of Iggy Pop that’s a lot of fun. The Peter Saul exhibit on through September is now a video tour of the show with both the artist and the curator, which is amazing. I like following the Rijksmuseum and Musee D’Orsay because they deconstruct and study old master pieces in a fascinating way that allows me to see the works differently, too.

    I’m really enjoying reading the calendar sections of The New Yorker magazine and New York magazine because, as there are no in-person events, they’ve pivoted to highlighting the best books, best new movies/shows, best online dance and music performances, best virtual museum shows, best new music to stream. I read those with my phone in-hand so I can link and follow as I read.

    I order a fancy pick-up meal from a local restaurant every week to save myself from the tyranny of dinner, to support their business, and for the wonder of dessert. I’m not really a dessert person — I generally prefer foods that can be deep fried and eaten with ketchup — so dessert has been a delicious revelation during the pandemic. This might be one bug I keep long after the virus has gone.

  • Linda Reed

    June 22, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Gretchen – I love your honesty about abs! It’s all about the camera angle :-). Also, thank you Anna for spelling utkatasana in the intro above… I have gotten so much better at it in the last 3 months!

    The SIP hasn’t affected me as much as many – being retired, I find I grow more insular every year. This whole SIP thing puts my natural tendency to avoid people in an altruistic light ;-). Guilt-free homebody. We always ate-in anyway, so no change there. Jay loves to cook, and is good at it and I am used to having daily kitchen clean-up duty – something I hear others struggle with. I read, garden, landscape, walk the dog, bike, run… it’s actually pretty idyllic!

    Along those homebody lines, it was always a push to get in the car and drive across town, therefore I am thrilled with TDY Zoom! I get to do yoga outside unless it is raining, I don’t have to drive, I have purpose to getting out of bed in the morning (30 minutes of sun salutations and other miscellaneous sneaky stretches Anna throws in from time to time) before my daily dog walk… I will miss Zoom when in person classes resume, as I would never drive across town for 30 minutes (15 each way) each morning to do 30 minutes of sun salutations. And I always say I will do a podcast (daily, weekly, monthly), but I rarely do. Zoom has accountability, so it is much more likely that I will participate. I always imagine a sad Anna if the squares don’t fill up, and that makes it easy to prioritize :-).

    I do miss connecting with the few folks I have gotten to know over the years and from yoga abroad trips, and seeing the faces that are so familiar even if I don’t know your names! I hope you are all doing well and finding satisfying take-aways from SIP.

    Speaking of positive take-aways, I’m also encouraged to hear the dialogue that seems to be emerging after the recent protests. I’m hoping that 2020 turns out to be a pivot point on what we as a country and a world acknowledge is really important – triggered (as so often change is) by the crises that caused the reflection and dialogue. In my opinion, it’s going to go one way or the other after November, so for now, I chose hope and progress! And sun salutations.

  • Christina Gravelle

    June 22, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    Speaking with my daughters this weekend who asked for recommendations of Black literature, made me think I may have a tiny piece to offer. James Baldwin is one of my favorite writers. I was turned on to him and Black truth in America was I was 18, and I go back to him again and again. he is a wicked excellent writer and his subject matter is essential to understanding ourselves. Read anything , fiction nonfiction, essays… but my favorite by him is a short story “Sonny’s Blues”. The subject, scope, And pacing, is perfect. For music lovers;—especially jazz, the rendering of a jazz performance in the closing scene is written like a virtuoso. Anyway in my humble opinion. Baldwin is amongThe artists that have shaped my understanding of the world. Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye is also an important read for Americans. And lastly, though not American, I recommend Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime.

  • Maureen Young

    June 24, 2020 at 10:07 am

    I’m new to the 3DY experience and appreciate reading these posts and putting names to faces on zoom; what an interesting group of people! Like Linda, I am loving the zoom classes. I am a grade-school teacher and when SIP began I had to suddenly morph my entire classroom experience into a relevant, accessible, “distant learning” program taught from my living room. I quickly found it essential to break up the long hours of working on the computer (which I have never loved or even liked) with yoga breaks and mad, 10 minute dashes around the park near my house. I like the podcasts, too, but I find I am more motivated to attend the live classes on zoom, partly for the accountability factor, and also because I have so much to learn and get something new out of every session. And then there’s Anna’s sense of humor :)

    Throughout this whole SIP experience I find myself often reflecting on the silver linings I see everywhere. It was intense work getting all 20 families in my classroom online and creating curriculum that fit for us all. The amount of communication between myself and parents went from minimal to weekly and in some cases even more. It was wonderful. Parents stepped into the role of teaching their own children and I felt so lucky to be part of it all as we adjusted and grew through the process. I got to know them all on a much deeper, and in my opinion more effective, level than during a normal school year. Yoga on zoom was a key factor to my sanity throughout all those weeks, definitely a silver lining. Even all the social unrest and painful news stories have brought good things; my 18-year old son and I have had some great, long discussions about everything going on in the world both inside and outside our little So.Co. bubble–SIP has given us time away from our usual more hectic schedule to actually TALK. Just having him around all the time has been an interesting change; he’s determined to be a rock- guitar god and has plenty of time to devote to his craft now. As luck would have it, my husband builds guitar amplifiers with a local company and the set up in the front room of our house produces vast quantities of decibles. Many times during our yoga zoom class I keep the computer close (and always muted on my end) to hear Anna over the Led Zeppelin tribute going on in the background. I am grateful for it all, even the stress and the pain that the country is going through, for I have hope that it will bring much-needed growth for all of us everywhere in so many ways.

    On another note, I’ve dusted off my sewing machine; if anyone wants a colorful, cotton face mask let me know. The fabric I have is mostly bandana patterned or small, flowered prints (think grandma’s kitchen curtains–I haven’t sewed for a long while and had to raid my mother’s stash) so as long as you’re not looking for Andy Warhol- level style, they’re washable and free to you. Just email me and we’ll arrange it: myoung@mwusd.org

  • Audrey Luna

    June 24, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    Hi 3dog yoga people! I have many other thoughts about SIP, but I’m grateful that it’s given me the opportunity to stay connected with this community from out in the East Bay.

    After moving to Oakland, “fun times” became synonymous to eating and drinking. A lot. And, every night. So SIP forced me to get back to old hobbies, and I’m so happy that I did! I’m a part of a virtual art exchange, and a book club now through instagram. There’s an archery range 20 minutes from my house, so I’ve been spending a lot of time hiking and trying to get a good grouping with my shots! I’m reading more (I’m reading The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee. Admittedly it’s a heavy read, but absolutely worth the weight), and doing some creative writing again. Cooking and baking, too. And, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t watching a lot of escapist reality TV… I highly recommend Taskmaster – you can stream a six seasons on YouTube. It’s very, very silly.

  • threedogyoga

    June 26, 2020 at 7:25 am

    thanks Gretchen, Linda, Christina, and Audrey. I loved reading these…and I’m thinking maybe we should start a book / music / arts and crafts club!

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