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everybody put your feet in the air….

everybody put your feet in the air….

ahh…week 5 of 40 Days to Personal Revolution. RESTORATION. while it’s not all about relaxing — there’s some pretty heavy work that goes on in the self-excavation process — this week is an opportunity to remember the value in relaxation and restoration.
the idea is to slow down for a bit, so our bodies and minds to get sharper, faster and better when we’re working and playing. meditation, being in nature, playing and spending time doing anything that just makes us feel good can all be great ways to restore and renew ourselves. there are also specific yoga postures that can bring us into greater states of relaxation.
inversions are postures in which you position your heart above your head (and sometimes your feet above your heart). these poses improve circulation and respiration and hormonal balance…they basically help us cool down and tune in.
a great one to practice when you want to get really chill is Viparita Karani (which means inverted action)…there are lots of variations of this; here are a few from the simplest to the sweetest setup:

    neat…lie on the floor with your legs extended straight up.
    on the rocks…put a yoga block (better yet, two side by side) under your sacrum.
    the highball…slide over to a wall and rest with your legs supported by the wall. make sure you’re comfortable, this is a relaxing pose, not a stretching one…so let yourself slide away from the wall if you are feeling it too much in the hamstrings or low back.
    the nightcap…add a bolster or folded blankets under your sacrum and an eye pillow over your eyes. nighty-night…

these are great options to practice at home, or in class as an alternative to shoulderstand. experiment and see how they work for you…enjoy!

    for fast-acting relief, try slowing down
    lily tomlin