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fall for YogaAid!

fall for YogaAid!

hello, september 2. it’s hard to believe you’re here already, but we’re thrilled…because that means we’re only one month away from our YogaAid Challenge!
want to know more? here’s the download…

what’s the YogaAid challenge?

the Challenge is a special, 2-hour yoga practice held in hundreds of locations worldwide held on October 1+2, 2011. the practice itself is not the challenge. the real challenge is in being of service to some amazing organizations that are using yoga to make the world a better place for all of us.
what is AYP?
the Africa Yoga Project‘s Baptiste Power Yoga on the Streets program offers free community yoga that is changing lives for young, urban Kenyans. it has introduced hundreds of students in Kenya to the practice of yoga, as well as provided educational scholarships, job training, food stipends, temporary housing and health services. students, ages 16 to 30 years old, come from impoverished backgrounds in Nairobi, Kenya and live on under $2 a day. many are personally affected by HIV/AIDS, have no access to running water or restrooms and are living or have lived on the streets.
Africa Yoga Project also trains and offers financial support to 38 teachers in exchange for teaching yoga in the communities of Nairobi, Kenya. teachers come from the slum areas in which they teach and are able to reach the communities for positive social change.
what’s AYP up to now?
AYP is on a mission to train and hire 50 new teachers in 2012. it takes $2,000 to train and hire a new teacher for one year. this amount will pay the teacher a salary that will allow them to care for themselves and their families. in addition, their teaching will bring peace, joy and inspiration to their communities in new and powerful ways!
what can we do?
here’s where the $4,000 comes in. we are so inspired by what AYP is doing, we’re going to raise enough $ to train and hire two new AYP teachers. to kick things off, we’ve put $2,000 into our three dog team…that’s one teacher trained and hired already…now we’re asking you to step up!
we’ve created a bunch of fun fall events that we KNOW you’ll want to be part of…all you have to do is register, show up and have fun!
how can you help?
join us for any of our “FALL FOR AYP!” events…join our YogAid team and raise funds yourself! you’ll have a blast and be leading the change at the same time! what could be better than that??

    monday, sept 5 – BREAKTHROUGH BOOTCAMP

join us for a two-hour journey to find your most powerful (and peaceful) alignment in every pose…and off the mat. learn how to balance the key elements of earth, water, fire, air and space to find more strength and ease in your practice and your body. expect to learn a lot, sweat a lot and have a ton of fun! plus, your entire workshop fee ($26) goes to our YogaAid team total!

    sunday, sept 11 – PROJECT PLAY: LIVE YOUR YOGA

the real practice begins when you step off the mat! come and learn more about yoga philosophy and inspired living. entire playshop fee ($16) goes to our YogaAid team total!

    tuesday, sept 27 – ANNA’S KARMA DAY

we’ll add $10 to our YogaAid total for everyone who joins us on the 27th…all you have to do is come to class and enjoy!

    friday sept 30-sunday october 2 – ACROYOGA!!!

don’t miss this opportunity to learn and practice ACROYOGA with Brian and his partner Bonnie. if you’ve enjoyed Brian’s visits so far this year, you’re going to LOVE this one. we’ll kick off the weekend with an all-levels ACRO JAM and then move into some sweet flying/thai massage workshops on saturday and sunday….what’s even better? we’ll donate 100% of the weekend’s proceeds to (you guessed it) our YogaAid team total!

    sunday october 2 – YOGA AID CHALLENGE

our GRAND finale!! join us for a fantastic and fun field trip!! we’re heading over to the city’s historic Deturk Round Barn to do some yoga “in the round”…with two-hours of fun and some amazing guest teachers, we’re going to have a BLAST!! suggested donation is $40, and you can sign up/donate here or join our YogaAid team — please mark your calendars for the 2nd come “be the change” with us!
want to help, but can’t make any of these? or just want to do more? you can always make a donation directly to our team here!