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guest blogger: aligning with truth

guest blogger: aligning with truth

here we are, back with a guest blog from georgiana, about her week of CENTERING into herself. read on to hear how she took it deeper and learned just how strong she really is.


“Good. Now….sit five inches deeper.”
“What? Seriously? Oh, my tired legs.”

That’s pretty much how the conversation went in every class. The instructor would encourage me, and my fellow students, to lunge deeper into Warrior II and then my brain would grumble in response. However, during week 5 of the 40 Days program, something changed. I began to look forward to the challenge and to the feeling of really getting into a pose rather than just hanging out in comfort land.

The theme of the week was centering, with a focus on listening and acting from our own personal truth. Yup. It was a big week with a lot to think about. I had some serious ah-ha moments, mostly spurred by the journaling questions. When I first read the question, “How much do I believe in myself?” I almost closed the book and put down my journal. But, I didn’t and I’m glad. After writing on this topic, I realized that I’m very confident about my capabilities, but I’m not so trusting of my intuition or my ability to survive tough times. I know I can pay the bills, be successful at work, support my friends and plan a family vacation. But, I often worry about making a “bad” decision and whether I’ll be able to navigate through future struggles or difficulties as they arise.

One of the coolest things we did in week 5 was to complete a silent practice as a group. We were given a list of poses and told to go for it – at our own pace with our own breath. We all started together and eventually (after much huffing and puffing and flowing through the poses) we all met-up in savasana. Prior to this class, I’d given much credit to Anna and other instructors for giving me a great class and a hard work-out. “Wow, she really kicked my butt tonight!” But, after the silent class, where we were all working so hard by ourselves and for ourselves, I realized that it’s not the teacher, it’s me! I’m the one getting on the mat and making the poses happen in my own way.

And, that’s when sitting five inches deeper in Warrior II all of a sudden seemed fun and worthwhile. I’m not doing it because someone is telling me to. I’m doing it because I want to be engaged in my practice. I want to get grounded and strong in my legs. And I want to know myself better so I can face difficulties and make decisions that align with my truth.

Hi, I’m Georgiana. I was grew up in Glen Ellen and have been pretty spoiled by the good things Sonoma County has to offer. As a kid, my dad encouraged my brother and I to try shoulder stands, headstands and Lion in the living room. Of course, to us it was just having fun! I completed my first 40 Day program at Three Dog last January and have been hooked ever since. I work for the Sonoma Land Trust, collaborating with landowners to preserve rural properties throughout the county. I love to dance in my kitchen and once met Patrick Carney, the drummer in the Black Keys. Today, my favorite yoga pose is Frog. Ribbit!