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love your mat

love your mat

if you have a JADE mat, you already know how awesome it is: grippy, all natural, easy to clean and eco-friendly. chances are you want to keep it this way, right?

with summer fast approaching (we hope), here are a few ways to make sure your mat feels the love.

1. don’t leave it in direct sunlight…even if the sun is coming in through a window, it will melt the surface of your mat and change it to a really nasty, slippery texture (this is because it’s natural rubber with no extra chemicals or weird stuff added)

2. ditto for extreme heat…like in your car on a sunny day, whenever those roll back around. if you can’t park in a spot that gets all-day shade, take your mat into work with you. they guy in the next cubicle may look at you funny, but it could come in handy on those days when you need a 2 p.m. savasana break.

3. clean it gently…if you have a super-sweaty mat on your hands: first, good job sweating it up; second, let it hang to dry out (not in the sun or heat); third, clean it with a gentle cleaning product. you don’t need to get it super soaked, just lightly spray and wipe down.

4. use a skidless to keep it young…using a yogitoes skidless towel will help extend the life of your mat…it will also keep it clean and dry, even when you’re not! you can throw the yogitoes in the wash over and over again, and know that you’re stepping onto a super clean mat everytime.

5. use your mat as often as possible…trust us, your mat loves hanging out with you. so do we. see you soon…

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