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take to the sky…

take to the sky…

hey there…welcome to Wanderlust Day 2!

we started our day out early…looking for breakfast and coffee (you don’t want to know David without coffee).
our first class started with a report on the work of the Africa Yoga Project. they are teaching 3,000 students a week — in the slums, jails & hospitals of Nairobi — all for FREE. it’s great to hear how fantastic they’re doing and to know that our July Karma Month has contributed to their ongoing success….well done everyone — thank you!

the class was a great wake up call — Baron asked if we were cold, and…(rookie mistake) a few folks yelled out “yes!” just so you know, “are you cold?” really means “do you want to do abdominals until you can’t remember ever feeling cold?” we worked our way up to some great partner handstand work…

we went straight from the first class to a second class with Baron — he started this one out by saying, “so the schedule says this is an ‘advanced’ yoga class — i’m glad i could be here to see what ‘advanced’ yogis look like”. i’m not sure how “advanced” we are, but we grinned and went for it — warming up with lots of abs and what seemed like a million one-legged chaturangas (was probably 10), moving into forearm balances, handstands (again), kapotasana and one-arm wheels.
want to see something cool? check this out
20 minutes later we headed to Vinnie Marino’s Arm Balancing class…most fun ever! his easy-going style and clear concise directions took us through more that 15 different arm balances, including some stuff i’d never seen or heard of before! it’s awesome to trust a teacher enough to try something completely new…i feel grateful!

the soundtrack was an oddly appropriate and energizing combination of Tom Petty, Tori Amos, Jai Uttal and Neil Young…one of my favorite parts of the day was free-flow Sun B’s to “Learning to Fly”, moving in time with David…almost as fun as being able to finally get into this pose…

now to get rested up for MC Yogi and Moby tonight…one of the most important things we’ve learned so far is that there are three keys to a fun yoga experience at 6,000 ft…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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  • Birgit

    July 30, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    AWESOME updates! How cool you get spend all this time “in flight.” Inspiring. Miss you, tho’…..

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