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the revolution: now with more bubbles.

the revolution: now with more bubbles.

here’s our final “inside the revolution” post for our winter 2012 session of 40 DAYS to PERSONAL REVOLUTION.
bill sums it all up pretty nicely in his post…which tells a few secrets we didn’t think would leak out! but don’t take his word for it, join us in april for the next round of revolution! it will be no re-run, but it will be just. as. awesome.



How’s that for brevity?

As a relative newbie to yoga, I really didn’t have any idea what to expect out of the 40 Days program, only that it seemed to offer the promise of something that would resonate deeply with me. Did it ever! What an amazing experience connecting with a community of people as committed, well-intentioned and nurturing as the ones I’ve come to know at Three Dog. Even more than the specific coursework of the program itself or the physical practice of yoga the human atmosphere of gentle awareness and community creates a feeling of generosity and spiritual elevation I can barely define. It is as though the air I breathe is cleaner, the water I drink is fresher and the light more luminous. Couldn’t have asked for a deeper or richer experience. And I’m still finding myself struggling to even describe how or what has changed. Words don’t feel adequate.

I found myself going back to the 40 Days book over and over again to read and re-read the laws of transformation and get clear on my intention each week. The encouragement and support from Anna each week was instrumental in kick starting the self-excavation questions and led me to several ‘aha!’ moments that I won’t soon forget. Others are still in the soaking-in process and I’m guessing there will be more lightbulbs flickering on in the coming days and months.

The actual yoga classes were probably the easiest part for me. I completely threw myself into that. In fact, my highly individual research led me to the conclusion that, at least at his stage in my practice, 3 power yoga classes in 24 hours is too much by about 20 minutes. I know now what hitting a ‘yoga wall’ feels like and how to spell ‘chaturanga’. And I’m probably in the market for a new washing machine after the unprecedenting thumping mine has taken over the last six weeks or so.

I have to confess, however, that I completely blew off the balancing diet thing. Just let it go. The idea of a fruit cleanse seemed great in theory until I realized the practical reality of the ‘no caffeine’ edict. And peanut butter and chocolate are a fifth food group in my world. But if yoga has taught me anything, it is that the discomfort there probably holds some fabulous rewards. Next time…

Group meetings were, for me, a great chance to share what I was up to and find out what my fellow travelers were experiencing. Our group really felt alive, connected and amazingly enough, given the gravitas of the subject matter, fun. We even pulled off a surprise party for one of ours, who needed to go and get married a day before completion. Apres yoga bubbles, anyone? I totally enjoyed the banter back and forth, whether via e-mail or in real time. I mean, who’d have thought that a personal revolution program would lead to a renewed appreciation of bubble baths? Or provided the opportunity to prove without a shadow of a doubt that we could all shake a mean tailfeather? I think if there hadn’t been a class immediately following our dance party, we’d have gone on until the iPod died. Or the speakers blew. Thanks again for that, Anna. To steal from your own line, you have kickasana taste in music.

Of all the pieces of the program, the most important and the one that probably surprised me the most was the initiation of a meditation practice. I suppose I always thought that in meditation, as with many other things in life, I would ‘do it wrong’. Oh, I giggled at myself and got worried looks from my dog the first time I tried a 5 minute session. I struggled with a numb butt and a sore back. But I persevered, sometimes out of sheer stubbornness more than anything else. And by the 40th day my dog was completely bored and I found myself needing to go to what I now call my ‘sitting still place’. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover something this sweet. But I’m sure glad I did.


about our guest
Howdy. I’m Bill Elbring. I discovered Three Dog Yoga about 5 months ago after a conversation with my orthopedic surgeon about prolonging the lifespan of my arthritic shoulder before a complete replacement. I actually have a prescription for yoga 5 times a week (didn’t know there was such a thing), and am happy to say that surgery looks like it can wait a good while longer.

I’m the proud father of two amazing children, 7 year old Augie and 4 year old Amelia. I’m also watched over by an 11 year old mutt named Sophie. I’ve been in the wholesale wine business for about 15 years and am an avid cyclist, gardener and wine geek.