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the revolution: smile more

the revolution: smile more

our 40 day REVOLUTIONARIES “graduated” a week ago, but they are still ON FIRE! (a reunion is in the works). in today’s post Anne shares how the REVOLUTION worked for her…more REVOLUTION stories coming at you soon!


I discovered Three Dog Yoga without much intention. I had little yoga experience but was curious. The studio was near my dry cleaner and between my office and house. Seemed like an adventure without much a detour.
With my first class the positivity of the place was inviting, if not overwhelming. I really like the yoga and the attitude. I knew this would be one of those good adventures. So I went sometimes more, sometimes less for about a year. Then I decided to read one of the monthly emails they send out and noticed the 40 day yoga revolution. The idea made me laugh- as it still does. Yoga did seem particularly revolutionary to me. Kind of quiet for a revolution- to say the least. I thought about it for awhile, decided I didn’t have THAT much time for a revolution. Then I thought about some more, read the info again. It was time limited-40days. Again what kind of revolution has a time limit? I signed up, almost convinced it was a good idea. It was better than the usual New Year Resolution to go to the gym more, but not as much fun as my other New Year resolution to drink more scotch.
I am an attorney and have been for almost 30 years. I am straight forward, bottom line, practical, pragmatic, and one of the least airy fairy people on the planet. Honestly I wasn’t sure about this revolution at all. I do have goal of learning 1 new thing every day and I thought the revolution may be helpful in that regard.
My revolution had 3 parts. The yoga part was obvious. I really enjoyed doing lots of yoga with the same people. By week 3 I noticed I was actually improving, that made it more and more fun.
The mediation part was the biggest surprise. I had never meditated before, convinced if I sat still with my eyes closed for very long I would fall asleep. I didn’t fall asleep. I did begin to learn to meditate and it is great. It is calming, joyful, centering and an amazing addition to my life. It has helped me become much less reactive, much more tolerant but participatory in the events of my life. I strongly recommend this.
The third part was the weekly themes and questions. Each week as a different theme all somehow related to personal growth. This really triggered the skeptic in me. Some weeks I didn’t ever understand in a practical sense. Perhaps the questions were too scary to consider. The best week was Equanimity. I keep those principals in a back pocket-very useful.
I do want to comment on the people. Anna does a great job running the show with tremendous enthusiaism and talent. She makes it personal and relevant to each one in the group. The group selects for smart, kind of intense individuals, wanting to make a difference in their own lives, while relating to others. I can’t imagine better community for a revolution.
In short I truly enjoyed this program and strongly recommend it. You should do it. It is fun. You will grow into some marvelous personal insights. You will find joy in the corners of your life you didn’t know were there. You will be way less reactive and smile more without all that much effort.


about our guest
Anne Hernandez lives in Santa Rosa and has for the last 25 years. Originally from upstate NY, she has family she likes in Jackson Wy and strong ties to the Tetons. By profession she is an attorney and managing partner in a statewide law firm. This is a big career that requires sharp teeth. She has 2 kids, Caen age 14, always her equal, and Tess age 9, her aspiration. They have 2 dogs and 1 bird for now.