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the revolution: what i found

the revolution: what i found

as promised, here’s another revolution story. this time, from Dawn…one of the newest members of the three dog family…enjoy!


I was not looking for a personal revolution. I did not need one. I was looking for community, a group where I could nurture myself by being around people and meditate and do a little yoga. What I got was far beyond what I ever could have imagined.
In October, 2011 I was laid off from my job of 4 years working at a residential Buddhist meditation center and missed the community aspect of my job. As a staff we meditated together 30 minutes each morning before work. I also was able to attend multiday residential silent meditation retreats as well as access to daily meditation classes and teachings. A few months before I was laid off I was feeling very lost in my life. I was not sleeping well, I was irritable and not my happy go lucky self. I did not recognize me nor did I know how to find me again. So when I read the description of the Three Dog Yoga 40 Day Personal Revolution I saw an opportunity to be with community again. Little did I know I would gain much more that I ever could have anticipated.
In the first week the work book brought up a question that lived in the back of my mind but I did not want to face it. I wanted to remain in denial just because that was easier. The question that changed my life was “Where in my life am I flirting with disaster?” Goodness I could not resist going all the way with this question. It was as if the 40 Days to Revolution Program gave me full permission to GO FOR IT!!! And I did. I cut up my credit cards. I suddenly found a new respect for money and myself while having a sense of relief the cards are gone.
Week after week I could feel myself grow stronger physically and mentally and spiritually. I don’t know if I have ever grown muscles in all three areas at the same time. I was completely new to yoga so that was a challenge in itself. During week 3 the famous Equanimity week I learned that I could take all of the skills I learned in Vipassana meditation and apply the same technique of focusing on my breath and let the thoughts pass by like drifting clouds to my yoga practice. If I got frustrated (and I did) I could come back to my breath and surrender to my body. I learned my body is really smart. She can do amazing things if I just stop trying to control her and judge her with my mind!
So here I am in the last few days of my revolution that I thought I did not need. I have a new respect for myself which includes respect for my awesome body! I have met some amazing people who have become friends and I have a spectacular place to continue practicing yoga. I guess I did need a Personal Revolution and during my revolution I found my community and a whole lot more…myself.


Hi I am Dawn and I am in Love with Life! I love learning ways to evolve and I am passionate about facilitating the empowerment of others to evolve as well. I do this by getting people in touch with their inner athlete as a cycling coach. I also am a support group facilitator for women escaping Domestic Violence. I have maintained a 150 pound weight loss since 2009 through cycling (my favorite activity) and conscious eating (my other favorite activity). I now can add Yoga to my list of favorite things to do after being introduced to it at Three Dog Yoga. I am in love with my wife of 21 years who is the most beautiful person I have ever known. Life is GREAT!