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yoga vibe: toward a greater purpose

yoga vibe: toward a greater purpose

capricorn1 happy new year! 2014 is our year to go bigger and broader…and to have more fun on the way.
with that in mind, here’s our first FUN FRIDAY post from vanessa. throughout the year, she’ll be tuning us into how yoga fits in with seasons, holidays and other aspects of life on the planet.


The 2014 New Year is a bit more serious and conservative than raucous and celebratory—although there is still fun to be had. A new moon in Capricorn brings a sense of heaviness to the beginning of the year. You may be feeling more vulnerable and hard on yourself and perhaps fears and insecurities, especially about practical matters, are a little closer to the surface. This is a good time for slowing down and taking good care of yourself. (But stay present because there is a lot of work to do!)

The benefit of starting 2014 with all this earthy Capricorn influence—the sun, moon, and three other planets are all in Capricorn right now—is that it calls for a very practical look at what needs to be done in order to be successful in the coming year. It encourages us to slow down and take stock of our lives; to honestly assess what we want to create and where we want to go this year. It prompts us to let go of those thoughts, emotions, and habits that have been weighing us down or impeding our progress.

With both the sun and new moon in Capricorn, this is the time for letting go of old strategies and perspectives—especially regarding business, life structure, and how we give form to things. Release the excess and the outdated, and then set your goals. How can you integrate your vision into the world for the greater good? How can you channel your intention into concrete steps? This is the inquiry of Capricorn—working diligently for a larger purpose.

Remember that even though we are working hard, there is a tendency to judge ourselves more intensely right now. Be gentle and forgiving, but firm and honest in your assessments and goals. While Capricorn energy can sometimes feel harsh, it gets us grounded and gives us the kick in the pants to accomplish that which we truly desire to do and be. It dares us to rise to the challenge and see what we’re made of. So: get focused and get going!

The moon moves into Aquarius on Jan. 2, which will bring in some lightness, creativity, and hope. It may also stir things up a little (Aquarius has a rebellious side). Use this forward-thinking, maverick energy to inspire your goals and strategies for this year. Allow yourself to entertain new ways of doing things or looking at the situations in your life. This may bring that spark of magic that ignites your daily work and helps you move more joyfully toward your goals.

staff06Vanessa Metcalf (MA, CPCC) has a private transformational coaching practice in Santa Rosa. Using her skills of intuitive counseling and connected listening, she guides people through the transitions in their lives (both big and small) with love, depth, and humor. She also enjoys teaching personal development skills, awareness practices, and the intuitive arts to local groups. Mostly she loves to connect with people and have genuine, inspiring conversations that leave everyone feeling acknowledged and uplifted…and excited to make their own unique splash in the world.