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yoga vibe: feed your joy

yoga vibe: feed your joy

Let Aquarius’ ideas and inspirations support you this month
by Vanessa Metcalf

greenbubbles-1600x1200As many of you can likely attest, 2013 was a pretty intense year, full of changes and challenges. You may be feeling a sense of relief in these first few weeks of 2014. Perhaps you have an inner sense of turning a new page that feels lighter and more hopeful.

The New Year brings a feeling of enhanced creativity and fertility—an opportunity to be more generative and take some fun risks. You may be getting inspired to work on a project, try something new, or get more organized. You may also be clearing out—your body, mind, or home in order to invite more vitality into your life. The only problem is that you may feel as though time is moving really fast and it’s challenging to get to all the things you want to do!

As we enter the sun sign of Aquarius, ideas and inspirations abound. But you may feel yourself longing for some structure to support them—or at least a way to calm the mental gymnastics that are disrupting your attention. It may feel like your mind and heart are going in different directions, subject to whim, like a playful wind that keeps changing course.

Remember to breathe—and get to a yoga class! This is a great time to take little steps, bite-sized actions that give you the taste of success that will then fuel your journey toward your larger goals. This can be a visionary time, but don’t get too overwhelmed by the big picture. Instead, stay in the aliveness of the creative moment and let that lead you.

Take care not to overwhelm yourself with too many projects (or too many directions), but choose a few that really light you up. Go where there is ease and flow, where you feel inspired and excited.

This is a good time to just take a deep breath and enjoy the smile you may not even notice is on your face. Get out and do something fun, move your body, connect with a friend—feed your joy! Let this bright and somewhat messy and creative time warm you so that you have a nice inner glow as we go deeper into winter. At some point, the winter heaviness will set in; let the brightness and optimism of this period buoy you through.

This is the time to connect to your uniqueness and let that lead the way. Aquarius is all about letting your freak flag fly and changing the world as a result of that. We each have something special to share, so let your light shine—even if it means going against the grain, which counter-culture Aquarius loves. This is the time of
innovation, of preparing the soil with the new ideas that will take root and bloom in the spring.

In mid-February, we will enter dreamy Pisces. But until then, we have the inventive, progressive, quirky energy of Aquarius to shake us out of our old routines and breathe new life into our work, relationships, playtime, and creative pursuits.

staff06Vanessa Metcalf (MA, CPCC) has a private transformational coaching practice in Santa Rosa. Using her skills of intuitive counseling and connected listening, she guides people through the transitions in their lives (both big and small) with love, depth, and humor. She also enjoys teaching personal development skills, awareness practices, and the intuitive arts to local groups. Mostly she loves to connect with people and have genuine, inspiring conversations that leave everyone feeling acknowledged and uplifted…and excited to make their own unique splash in the world.