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yoga vibe: love in all forms

yoga vibe: love in all forms


Feel the energy and share the love this Valentine’s Day

By Vanessa Metcalf

This year, Valentine’s Day is not just about romance and couples, although there will be plenty of that—it is about love in all its forms. Prepare for fireworks, laughter, and a warm-hearted connection. This is a big day with big energy!

The full moon in Leo brings feelings of warmth, generosity, and playfulness. The moon itself is sensitive, dreamy, and artistic. But placed in potent, affectionate, and entertaining Leo—a bright and bold fire sign—the energy becomes both loving and electric. This truly is a day of heart and passion. It is also a day for expressing yourself in all ways and for enjoying pleasurable activities (wink, wink). The sun, ruler of Leo, is opposing the moon, which creates both tension and chemistry. Sparks will be flying!

Romance is one aspect of this full moon, but the energy of the day is also about feeling the love and passion within ourselves, and letting that light radiate out into our lives. It is about living with heart and enthusiasm. Charismatic Leo (the king of the zodiac) loves and protects all in his kingdom—he does not discriminate.

His light is bright enough for all. When paired with the deep, sensual moon, Leo becomes even more magical. So love up on everyone and everything that you adore, share your warm smile and hearty laughter, and be tender and playful with those around you.

While all of this warm, expansive, loving energy is swirling around, Saturn’s hard aspect to the moon can create a little bit of edginess or seriousness. Balance is a part of nature, so have fun, but also be gentle with the ones you love, including yourself.

Have a good time, but don’t overindulge. Leo can have a tendency to behave in a kingly manner, feasting and frolicking, that leads to headaches and regret the next day. Just be aware of this tendency to overdo it and remember to keep at least one foot on the ground (unless you are doing leap frogs!).

On this especially potent Valentine’s Day, take care of your heart and let yourself be inspired. Play and nurture. Enjoy some luxury, but stay centered in what matters to you. Enjoy connection and express affection.

If you are spending the day with your sweetie, indulge a little, but also take time to share from your heart. If you are enjoying this day on your own, take time to do something special for yourself. Plan a little self-care ritual, engage your creative/intuitive side, and let your heart be open to all that is good in your life.

The moon will shift into Virgo overnight, which is all about purification, focus, and good health. So, after playing with Leo moon, take good care of yourself the rest of the weekend—and get in a yoga class or two!

staff06Vanessa Metcalf (MA, CPCC) has a private transformational coaching practice in Santa Rosa. Using her skills of intuitive counseling and connected listening, she guides people through the transitions in their lives (both big and small) with love, depth, and humor. She also enjoys teaching personal development skills, awareness practices, and the intuitive arts to local groups. Mostly she loves to connect with people and have genuine, inspiring conversations that leave everyone feeling acknowledged and uplifted…and excited to make their own unique splash in the world.