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relieve tension, create strength, increase flexibility, and optimize your posture. side effects may include better sleep, peace of mind and 67% more smiling.


vinyasa, flexibility training, and tension-relief for every body.


heated vinyasa, focused on building strength and increasing flexibility.


vigorous vinyasa + music = a full-body workout for every body.


yoga essentials for beginners + everyone who wants to keep a beginner's mind.


anywhere, any time.

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  • FLOW 60: The Cooling Off Period

    Sometimes, we all need a cooling off period: whether it’s a hot day…or a stressful one, this practice has what you need. You’ll start by lying down in a supported......

  • FLOW 30: Backbends for Better Posture

    Locust, sphinx, and cobra anchor this full-body, athletic flow. You’ll walk taller and feel better…or your money back!...

  • FLOW 60: Twisted in a Good Way

    Using proper twisting technique is highlighted in the center of this full-body vinyasa practice. You’ll get everything you want from a vinyasa practice, with a few details thrown in to......

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