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relieve tension, create strength, increase flexibility, and optimize your posture. side effects may include better sleep, peace of mind and 67% more smiling.


vinyasa, flexibility training, and tension-relief for every body.


heated vinyasa, focused on building strength and increasing flexibility.


vigorous vinyasa + music = a full-body workout for every body.


yoga essentials for beginners + everyone who wants to keep a beginner's mind.


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  • POWER 60: Curiosity + Exploration

    Yes, you’ll sweat with this one…and you’l get your body feeling good and mobile. You’ll also practice exploration and curiosity through paying attention to physical sensations and actions.  All around......

  • FLOW 60: Mood Lifters

    In this episode, we focus on side body opening and release…which in yoga lore helps to banish bad moods and bring on the smiles. Key postures include side angle pose,......

  • FLOW 30: The Usual Suspects

    This one’s straight down broadway…our OG sequence with a focus on twists and shoulder openers. Plus, some time upside down....

Give the gift of yoga.