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something for every body. now playing now on a mat near you.


relieve tension, create strength, increase flexibility, and optimize your posture. side effects may include better sleep, peace of mind and 67% more smiling.


vinyasa, flexibility training, and tension-relief for every body.


heated vinyasa, focused on building strength and increasing flexibility.


vigorous vinyasa + music = a full-body workout for every body.


yoga essentials for beginners + everyone who wants to keep a beginner's mind.


anywhere, any time.

available on apple, spotify, vurbl, podbean, and pandora.

  • Peaceful, Easy Flow … 60 Minutes

    this one starts slow, stays slow, and gets the job done. key practices include: twists, sidebands, gentle salutations and lunges, eagle variations, kneeling hip openers, reclined back bends, and physiological......

  • Focused Flow, Steady Balance … 30 Minutes

    welcome to our December deep dive: peace. this month, the flow will be focused, balances will be simple and long-held, and restorative postures are being served for dessert. enjoy!...

  • Get It Done, but Make It Smooth … 25 Minutes

    one breath, one pose. keep it simple. do it well. key practices: vinyasa through all the basic postures and ranges of motion, with a choose-your-own finishing backbend, and relaxation. ...

Give the gift of yoga.