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relieve tension, create strength, increase flexibility, and optimize your posture. side effects may include better sleep, peace of mind and 67% more smiling.


vinyasa, flexibility training, and tension-relief for every body.


heated vinyasa, focused on building strength and increasing flexibility.


vigorous vinyasa + music = a full-body workout for every body.


yoga essentials for beginners + everyone who wants to keep a beginner's mind.


anywhere, any time.

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  • POWER 60: Get Low, Level Up

    When you want to get more mobile, you gotta mobilize more. This high-energy, low-stress practice will get you there. Through taking bigger steps, focusing on the pacing of your breath,......

  • FLOW 30: Find Your Center

    You’ll hear the phrases “naval center” and “heart center” a lot … a lot, a lot, in yoga class. This short practice demystifies these important concepts, and provides a good......

  • FLOW 60: Strength + Mobility

    This one’s a straightforward approach to building strength and flexibility…enjoy!...

Give the gift of yoga.