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moving meditation for every body.

Flow II

moving meditation with emphasis on skill + strength building.


a yoga-inspired workout with music.

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yoga, meditation, & relaxation at Westerbeke Ranch – june 26-29


anywhere, any time.

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  • Energizing Hip Openers – 30 Minutes

    hip opening doesn’t have to be long, slow, deep holds…it can also be a mobilizing meditation that creates nimbleness and freedom. you’ll energize your whole body with this sequence that......

  • Circular Time – 30 Minutes

    life tends to happen in a pretty linear plane…whether you’re working at a desk, riding a bike, or scrolling on your phone. this practice incorporates circular motions to shake things......

  • Get Warm All Over – 30 Minutes

    when you need to get warm quickly…whether on a cool morning, before that long run, or after a day at the office…this one fits the bill. we start standing and......

Give the gift of yoga.