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our FLOW classes focus on moving with your breath to create balance in body, heart, and mind.

our JAM classes are yoga workouts set to music to build strength and flexibility.

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  • Detox Flow – 60 Minutes

    strong flow, lotsa twists, and relaxation. you’ll feel better. want to get more yoga into your life? we’d love to see you in class! to join us for livestream video......

  • Quick+ Clean Flow – 20 Minutes

    this one’s short and sweet…it’s focused on the exhale, as a way to clear out anything and everything you want to let go. you’ll move — a lot. and then......

  • Intentional Movement Flow – 30 Minutes

    yogis say you’re as young as your spine is limber. in this one, you’ll move your spine in all it’s ranges of motion, with meditative attention on your breath.  ......