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7 poses to learn in a zoom intro…and why.

7 poses to learn in a zoom intro…and why.

every body is welcome to start our online zoom classes anytime…but if you’re new to yoga, learning the ropes can be challenging.

one big reason is that a lot of us are visual, and when we have to turn our head or crane our neck to see a pose, it actually misaligns the pose….and can be a pain in the neck (which can turn into a pain in the low back, too).

when done properly all these poses are healing and strengthening. it’s just a good idea to watch first, so that you can perform the poses without looking at your screen.

we’ll cover all seven today in our START SOMETHING ZOOM INTRO at 10:15am. just jump in!

can’t make it today, we’ll cover these in our Sunday morning class on 9/6, as well!

child’s pose










downward facing dog











rag doll










halfway lift

forward fold

chaturanga / low push up

wheel / bridge




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