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stockings. stuffed.

stockings. stuffed.

need a go-to gift for your favorite yoga peeps? want to introduce some of your other peeps to yoga? need it now?

yeah, we got that.

you can purchase three dog yoga e-gifts online…grab a single class, five-class pass, a ten-class pass or an introductory week…or buy them our 20 DAY DETOX…they might need it! you can also pick any amount you want…maybe pay a member’s month for them, send them enough to grab a new yogitoes or just send a $5 “you’re appreciated” card. you’ll rock their stockings, for sure.

wanna really rock their year? you can even send ’em to Costa Rica for the week of their lives.

want something a little more tangible? come in or give us a call and we’ll get you set up with a real, live (ok, plastic) card…comes complete with its own adorably tiny envelope and sticker!