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it’s that time of year: time for a clean slate. for body, heart and mind.

“how does that work?” you ask.


you get committed.

“to what?” you ask.

to your self.

we have a plan. and a chalkboard. and an incentive.

what’s the plan?

from Sunday January 8-Sunday January 29, we’ll:

//practice yoga. three times or more each week. we’ll keep track on the studio chalkboard.

//meditate. we’ll help you out with group sessions at the beginning of each week (8:30am on Sundays January 8, 15 and 22). try for three times a week. sit, breathe and be.

//drink water. 100 ounces a day. yep. 100. every day.

//do what you want. each day, you’ll set a concrete intention for yourself…any kind of intention you want. something that when you get to the end of your day, you can say “yeah. i did that.” want some help setting intention? join us Monday, January 9 at 7:00pm for an intention setting session to get you up to something big!

to celebrate three weeks of serious commitment, we’ll finish with a POWER 90 challenge at 4:30pm on Sunday, January 29.

what about the chalkboard?

sign ups start Monday the 2nd. get your name on the board!

what about the incentive?

we’ll donate $3 to Africa Yoga Project for everyone who signs up. $3 more for everyone who makes it to the POWER 90 CHALLENGE.