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the secret to advancing your yoga? stay a beginner.

why? when you’re a beginner, everything is new. you’re curious and learning.

as we “advance” we have expectations…but when we stay beginners, we stay open to possibility.

it’s a subtle shift, but it does radical things: like create new neural networks in our brains, foster creativity in our thinking, and enhance agility in our bodies.

so how do we stay beginners when we know all the postures, flows, and techniques of a practice? (or think we know them all.)

the answer is continually “cleaning our windshields”…looking at the traditional practice from different perspectives…staying out of cruise-control to stay in the flow state.

all through July, we’ll be engaging with this idea by looking at our traditional poses through new lenses: we’ll try new stances, reach our arms in different spirals, explore new breathing patterns and more…plus, there’s our annual 108 challenge, and we’ll be broadcasting our Zoom classes live from our Ireland retreat.

join us online or in the studio:

here’s what’s on tap:

friday, july 1: deep side angle
saturday, july 2: warrior 3
sunday, july 3: no-chaturanga vinyasa
monday, july 4: 108 sun salutations
tuesday, july 5: savasana
wednesday, july 6: gate pose
thursday, july 7: side plank
friday, july 8: neck, shoulder, and arm relief
saturday, july 9: bird of paradise
sunday, july 10: twists with a twist
monday, july 11: standing split
tuesday, july 12: eagle
wednesday, july 13: side lunges
thursday, july 14: twisting crescent
friday, july 15: deep squats
saturday, july 16: malasana vinyasas
sunday, july 17: warriors on the cliffs of insanity
monday, july 18: pigeon
tuesday, july 19: side plank
wednesday, july 20: arms down, neck free
thursday, july 21: pyramid
friday, july 22: hero
saturday, july 23: camel
sunday, july 24: energizing hip openers
monday, july 25: vinyasa backbends
tuesday, july 26: triangle
wednesday, july 27: deep twists
thursday, july 28: bridge
friday, july 29: deep hip openers
saturday, july 30: crow
sunday, july 31: hard poses, easy practice

to find the class that’s right for you, see our weekly Zoom and in-person schedules.

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