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this month, we’re focusing in on playfulness.

why playfulness?

because: it’s good for us. all of us.

on the mat we can “recover the seriousness of a child at play” (thanks, Nietzsche.)
sure, we want to be mindful, and present, and skillful — but not one of those things prevents us from having a good time.
in fact, they may just make the good times even better: helping us explore, get curious, and keep learning.

each tuesday, thursday, and sunday, our online FLOW classes will dive deep into play as we refine our skills.

thursday 12.2 – king arthur + friends

sunday 12.5 – balance

tuesday 12.7 – seated poses > arm balances

thursday 12.9 – standing poses > arm balances

sunday 12.12 – no-binds / no-holds shoulder and hip opening

tuesday 12.14 – no-stress splits

thursday 12.16 – catch-your-foot poses

sunday 12.19 – balance 2.0

tuesday 12.21 – the dark side of the (half) moon

thursday 12.23 – float, flip, fly.

sunday 12.26 – the day-after detox

tuesday 12.28 – give yourself props

thursday 12.30 – malasana + frog are friends

join us from wherever you are with a drop-in pass or a membership…and get from mind full to mindful.