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you know those stretches at the end of class? the ones that are kind of quiet + simple, but you feel a really good stretch going on? they’re not exactly easy, but somehow they feel good.

not like, hot tub good. but good.

it’s a feeling of nimbleness, freedom, and ease. you know it when you feel it. and it feels good.

this month, we’re going to increase the amount of time we spend on the feel-good stretching we usually reserve for the end of practice…IN. EVERY. CLASS.

and…our ALIGN classes are gonna focus in on the asanas that provide deep stretching…spending a little extra time on lining up those feel-good poses that get us all relaxed and happy.

2.1 – pigeon

2.3 – seated twists

2.5 – super pigeon

2.8 – half + full monkey

2.10 – baddha konasana

2.12 – straddle lunges + splits

2.15 – reclined supta padangusthasana series

2.17 – seated side bends

2.19 – neck, shoulder and upper back openers

2.22 – seated forward folds

2.24 – frog

2.26 – straddle folds

see our complete schedule of classes here. join us from wherever you are with a drop-in pass or a membership…every body welcome. every class. every day.