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friends and freedom

friends and freedom

every year on the fourth of july, i marvel at the sweat and smiles that are at the heart of our 108 sun salutations practice…and this year, coming together as a community felt even more important than ever.

besides a very sweaty and successful practice, capped off my some truly beautiful music provided by the one-and-only Billy Kingsborough, this morning was the embodiment of getting by with a little help from our friends.

often, our friends serve to remind us who we are…in a world that sometimes seems to have lost it’s mind, our friends help us keep our hearts.

today i was reminded that we are the kind of people who:

//take on challenge like it’s our dream job
//make space for “just one more”…”ok, two more” in our row
//bring flowers for the teacher…and donate socks for the homeless
//listen to each other…and cheer each other on
//offer to clean up, even when it’s not our mess
//love live music
//sing along to Moonage Daydream and American Girl
//have incredible floor percussion skills


we are the kind of people who won’t ever let the incessant growl of a leaf blower outside keep us from being who we are: kind, helpful, fun-loving, strong and creative.

that’s how we celebrate freedom.