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getting your yoga on at home is a challenge…for all of us. for those of us with kids, pets, and partners at home, it can be downright frustrating sometimes.

in a perfect world, you have a little space where you can shut the door, take a time out and get a 30-60 minute class or podcast in.

since we don’t live in a perfect world, Lauren — a longtime three dog teacher and professional stay@om yogi — has a few thoughts on how to make it work for you.

1. whatever your practice looks like, it’s successful if you move and breathe. at home practice is NOT going to be the same as practice in the studio so you will need to adjust your expectations. there will be different sights, sounds, thoughts (i really need to vacuum under the couch), and people/pets that don’t understand the sacred yoga mat boundaries. do it anyway…there are still benefits, even if it’s not the same.

2. go with the flow…there will probably be interruptions – that’s FINE! someone needs a snack, help reaching something, a pet wants to play fetch, a partner who forgets you’re doing yoga and wants to chat about dinner…take care of what you need to and come right back. an imperfect, much-interrupted yoga practice is still a yoga practice.

3. got little ones that won’t let you be? let them practice with you. give them their own mat or designated space. let them help/play with the blocks or props. guaranteed they won’t stay focused for an hour, but it’ll keep them entertained for a bit, leave it open for them to come back to.

4. someone wants to be held (don’t we all)? warrior poses are great times to add a little extra weight, the arms up or out are purely decoration, arms around a kiddo are even better. someone on top of you during abs? leg extensions are a great option, so is just taking a break (we don’t blame you…we do it, too!). MAKE THE FLOW WORK FOR YOU. whether you have a pet/kid climbing on you or twisting chair isn’t your jam, do something else that you like or take a breather and join back in when you’re ready.

5. when you’ve had it with distractions (been there), pull out the special treats…iPad, tv shows, that one really annoying toy you keep hidden that they love. use whatever you’ve got. perhaps even save up the special treats just for your yoga practice times…that’s called smart use of resources in our book.

in a lot of ways, I like this at home practice better. i can fit it into my schedule a lot easier (no arranging childcare!), i can do more yoga more often, and i like watching my daughter try new poses and seeing her excitement. yes, some days I need to lock myself in a room and have an hour of quite practice. you’re allowed to do that, too!

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