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the big surprise | saturday 4.30 at 3 p.m.

the big surprise | saturday 4.30 at 3 p.m.

shhhhh! don’t tell….the big housewarming surprise is…..you’re invited to paint our new mural!


but you won’t be alone…the whole gang will be here.

and it’s a stencil. so no worries about artistic ability. Sarah has that all sewn (ok, sketched) up.

we’ll start at 3 with a family/friend/first-timer friendly JAM (no heat! although we gotta say, it’s working realllllll good these days)…

then at 4, we’ll get painting. and like any good painting party…there will be beer. and like any good three dog party…there will be champagne. and like any good party ever…there will be food…and music…and fun.

please join us! RSVP by signing up for the class on our website or on our iPhone or Android app.