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a lot of small steps.

a lot of small steps.

ever look at a yoga pose and just think “nope. not me. never.”?

it’s happened to all of us, but the truth is…a lot of those poses are not as inaccessible as you might think.

they may look flashy (or even twisted), but are often pretty simple once you get some basics down.

like life, big progress in yoga shows up in a lot of small steps. asanas are often a series of approximations, rather than overnight successes…and, it’s the steps along the way where we make radical shifts: in body, heart and mind.

for instance, in the pose featured above…you first learn how wide to take your stance, then how to externally rotate your hip, then how to shift your weight to stay centered, then how to arrange your back leg to fully flex your knee. then, you’re able to lengthen your spine, twist…and with time, possibly, catch your foot.

it’s the subtleties of a pose that build our awareness. taking small steps teaches us patience. letting go of our need to “get” the pose strengthens our practice of non-attachment…which opens us up to possibilities we never could have imagined.

you don’t ever have to get to a “big reveal” to have a “WOW” moment…those are available any time we let our curiosity get bigger than our ego.

want to find out for yourself?

this Sunday at 4:30, we’re dedicating POWER 90 to taking the first small steps that will get you set up for success. bring your requests and questions…we’ll work in as many as we can.

“you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.