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mind full to mindful.

mind full to mindful.

meditation and mindfulness are popular words these days, but what do they really mean?

well, just like yoga poses will look different in every body, meditation and mindfulness will mean different things to each of us.

at three dog, it might look like sitting on a cushion, walking in the woods, putting our legs up the wall or coloring like a kid.

to us, meditation happens anytime we get present enough to notice our thoughts…instead of being immersed in them.

mindfulness is a practice that we start on our yoga mat: paying attention to the small details of how we breathe, how we move and how we infuse our actions with our intentions.

eventually, we hope to take that kind of consciousness out into the world…creating a little more peace, kindness and respect in our little corner of the planet.

throughout the month of march, you’ll be able to find some of our team’s favorite meditation and mindfulness practices here on the blog¬†and in the studio.