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online yoga: the “secret” menu

online yoga: the “secret” menu

when you’re starting yoga online – over zoom, livestream, video on-demand, or podcasts – you have the benefit of learning at your own pace, in your own home, without anyone watching. that’s definitely a perk…but of course, that also means that you may miss the personal attention you’d get in an in-studio class.

right now, with shelter-in-place guidelines for health and safety, yoga at home via online classes is the best option for most of us…in our livestream classes on Zoom, we do our best to point out common modifications and alternatives for working at your own pace…but since every body is different (and every body has experienced different injuries or conditions), we’ve created a “secret menu” of modifications so you can tailor your practice to suit your needs and goals.

none of these things are really secret…but during an online class, the teacher may not say each one of as she/he is teaching….you are still welcome to take these variations as often as you like…just like you’re always allowed to take child’s pose, seated meditation, or savasana when you need it.

choose alternatives that make the most sense for your body, the one that you’re in today. and just like how some days call for extra fries….and some days call for hold-the-pickles…you always get to choose what to add in and what to leave out…so that your yoga practice works for you.

if you are a member of our livestream community and have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to type them at us in the “zoom chat” when you sign in for class. you can also send us an email anytime!

three dog yoga “secret” menu




mountain pose

shoulder issues? use cactus arms or hands at heart.


forward fold/half lift

hamstring/low back issues? you can bend your knees.

pushup/chaturanga + up dog

there are a LOT of reasons to modify here…you can:


*do hands and knees + cow pose.

*hold high plank for the exhale / inhale, then go to down dog.

*bring your knees, then chest to the floor + take cobra.


down dog

wrist/shoulder issues? you can turn your hands any direction.

shoulder issues? you’re welcome to take cat/cow pose instead. 

hamstrings/low back issues? you can bend your knees…yes, even more.



knee issues? sit back, but not deep…or take mountain pose instead.

shoulder issues? hands at heart or arms straight ahead.




warrior one

ankle/knee issues? change the angle of your back foot until you are comfortable.

shoulder issues? hands at heart or cactus arms.


warrior two

ankle/knee issues? try a horse stance, squat, or straddle instead.

shoulder issues? bend your elbows or put your hands to your hips.


reverse warrior

ankle/knee issues? try a horse stance, squat, or straddle instead.

shoulder issues? bend the upper arm to decrease tension.






knee issues? keep your standing leg straight.

shoulder issues? bear hug or press arms together.


knee or shoulder issues? extend arm and leg without catching the foot.


general balance modification 

if a pose doesn’t suit your body, feel free to simply stand on one foot and breathe.





knee issues? take reclined pigeon or half-monkey w/foot turned out to a 45 angle.


double pigeon/seated cross legged fold

ankle issues? pad the ankle bone at the floor, flex the foot that is on top.

knee issues? take seated forward bend with legs straight(ish) or butterfly

low back issues? stay seated upright.


reclined pigeon

knee issues? straight leg stretch with foot w/foot turned out to a 45 angle.

neck issues? place a block or a pillow under your head.



knee/low-back or other issues? choose straddle or butterfly instead.