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SILENT FLOW: a road map.

SILENT FLOW: a road map.

on the second sunday of every month, we get together to turn up the heat and turn down the noise with SILENT FLOW.

it’s you, your mat and your breath…working through your practice. listening to your body…and your heart. in a room of people doing the same. it’s powerful stuff…

what to expect: there will be plenty of resources to help you…your teacher will start the class off together in a few poses of integration. then you go for it! we’ll have the poses in front of you on cue cards, or you can borrow a pose listing and keep it at your side the whole time.

you don’t have to keep track of time, when it gets close to the end, the lights will go down and relaxation music will start playing. the teacher will bring you up from Savasana and the class will close with “namaste”…we leave in noble silence, each in our own space + quiet.

come out tomorrow and give it a go…your body, mind and heart will thank you.

want a peek at the sequence: here it is.