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six-week flight plan | aerial silks

six-week flight plan | aerial silks

AERIAL SILKS starts up tonight for a six-week series designed to get you flowing through the air with the greatest of ease. ok, some ease, but definitely a lot of fun…and a super workout for your monday nights.

here’s the plan…there are a few spots left…sign up today for the whole series, and you get the 7th week of open play for free!

Week 1: orientation + flexibility

get a good grasp (literally) on the basics of flying…if you’ve never taken an aerial class, this will cover all you need to know to get started. if you’re a long-time practitioner, you’ll get time to drill the basics to build strength and refine your skills.

Week 2: arm & hand strength

it takes a lot of grip strength it takes to fly….in this session you’ll work at your own pace to develop skills and strength in your upper body in ways unique to aerial silk practice.
Week 3: inversions.

this week we will take the skills learned in the first two weeks, add on the element of inversion (read: going upside down) and begin learning a combination (read: vinyasa aflow) that we will continue  to build and refine for the rest of the series.

Week 4: core strength i

as with any yoga class, everything we do on the silks is a core exercise. but week 4 will add basic drills and movements designed to challenge you and develop full body integration necessary to put more flow in the combination learned in week 3.

Week 5: core strength ii

this week, we up the stakes in the core training department. you’ll be challenged, but able to work at your own pace as the exercises get more complex…and you’ll add new dimensions of flow to the combination from week 3.

Week 6: putting it all together.

we will finish off with a strong focus on our combination and revisiting some early exercises. it will be a chance to take stock of your progress and get a feel for what’s next!
Week 7: open play!

bring the skills you learned in weeks 1-6 out to play. this will be an open session for anyone who wants to fly…and if you were signed up for the 6-week series, you fly for free!