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…ready for a little spring cleaning? yoga helps.

this month, we’re zooming in on the traditional postures and kriyas (practices) prescribed for making the transition from winter to spring. the ones that help us shed the heaviness, center our energy and refresh our spirits. stuff like…

SIDE BENDS + TWISTS: often called the detox asanas, these get your circulation going all over, which helps move nutrients to your cells and get the gunk (technical term) out.

LIGHT, SPRINGY FLOW: it’s no secret that as it gets lighter, we feel lighter…time to channel that good stuff. light flow focuses on stepping lightly, moving with balance, and incorporating gliding actions of the limbs to feel, well, springy. bonus: a little cardiovascular training can help shed some of those winter layers – physical and mental.

CLEANSING, CENTERING BREATH: as much as we love the energy of Spring, there’s often also a buzzy-ness that can leave us feeling a little spun-up…and new pollen in the air can make us feel pretty stuffed up. enter cleansing, centering breathing exercises.

we’ll be focusing in on these strategies throughout March in all our classes…and our ALIGN deep dives will help you refine while you refresh.

here’s the line up.

3.1 – revolved crescent lunge

3.3 – banana pose

3.5 – standing frog kriya

3.8 – revolved triangle

3.10 – sideways sidebends

3.12 – revolved malasana

3.15 – abdominal kriya

3.17 – seated side bends

3.19 – balance in motion

3.22 – ardha matseyandrasana twist

3.24 – anjaneyasana side bends

3.26 – arm gliding kriya

3.29 – seated side bends 2.0

3.31 – revolved janu sirsasana

ready for some lightness? grab your mat and Zoom-in, you’ll feel, well, springier.

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