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teacher training 2019/2020

teacher training 2019/2020

been thinking about teacher training? we have, too!

we designed our training as a start-anytime, go-at-your-own-pace program, allowing you to choose your adventure.


// Teaching 101 Retreat – february 17-21, 2020

an all-inclusive retreat where you will learn to teach an effective, adaptable vinyasa practice. each day will feature meditation, vinyasa, discussion, practice teaching, and quiet reflection time. with full-participation, you will leave with a certificate of completion of Level 1 teacher training.

// Alignment + Adaptation Immersion – october 12+13, 2019

a weekend workshop focused on understanding alignment, action, and anatomical principles in the most commonly practiced asanas, as well as demonstrative, verbal, and hands-on assists.

// Anatomy for Asana Course – august 18 – october 6, 2019 | online + in-studio

you’ll learn about the most important aspects of anatomy for the yoga mat through online study, group discussion, and in-class practice. 

// Yogic Studies Course – begins october 20, 2019 | self-paced online

a survey of the history, language, and great texts of yoga with Seth Powell of Harvard University.

// 30-Hour Apprenticeship – self-paced, begins march 2020

gain experience through in-class observation, assisting, and co-teaching, as well as completion of your own community yoga project.

// Workshop + Lab Electives – offered monthly, in-studio

choose from a wide array of in-depth workshops covering asana technique, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology.

// Immersion + Retreat Electives – offered bi-annually, on location

dive deeply into the exploration of anatomy, philosophy, and practice of yoga in gorgeous retreat locations near and far.


to receive a certificate of completion from the three dog yoga school teacher training program for submission to Yoga Alliance, candidates will:

// submit an application for the 200-hour RYT program.

// complete Teaching 101, Assisting 101, Yoga Anatomy Essentials, Yogic Studies, and Apprenticeship courses.

// complete 40 hours of elective studies: Asana Labs, Anatomy Labs, Teaching Labs, In-studio Immersions, and Sadhana Retreats.

// read and respond to three works from our suggested reading list below.

// teach a 60-minute class and receive peer feedback.


to round out your training experience, you’ll dive into the great modern and classical yoga texts.

// The Bhagavad Gita*

// The Yoga Sutras*

// The Hatha Yoga Pradipika*

// Yoga Anatomy*

// The Four Agreements*

// Light on Yoga

// Light on Life

// The Heart of Yoga

// Living Your Yoga

// Journey into Power

// Preventing Yoga Injury

// Anatomy Trains

// Be Here Now

// Be Love Now

// Buddha’s Brain

// Yoga Body, Buddha Mind

// The Power of Now

// A New Earth

// Meditations from the Mat

// Meditations on Intention and Being

// One Simple Thing

*denotes required reading for 200-hour trainees.