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three. is a magic number.

three. is a magic number.

exhale, chaturanga. inhale, upward-facing dog. exhale downward-facing dog.

you’ll see these three poses (and their modfications) in every class we teach…they’re the way we create “flow” between all the other poses in the series. each is also a beneficial pose on its own…creating strength, integration and openness in the body.

the three poses also practice the three central spinal positions of all the other postures we teach: upright (chaturanga), forward fold (down dog) and back bending (up dog).

if you’re going to practice vinyasa, you want to dial these in…and they’re not easy…for a few reasons, including:

  1. all three use your hands as the primary base. unless you’re a skilled hand-balancer, this is new for most of us.
  2. when you’re in these poses properly, you can’t look around at other people…or in a mirror.
  3. each requires integration of your foundation, core and spine in ways that are unusual…but not unnatural.
  4. every body is different: we’ll all look different in these poses…and each of us can benefit from personalized modifications.


wanna learn more? we’ve got a BASICS class at 4:30 p.m…or you can book a 30-minute private session with one of our teachers to get personalized assessment and modifications. email us for more info personal[at]threedogyoga.com