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what’s a sadhana?

what’s a sadhana?

sadhana is a committed practice dedicated to one’s spiritual growth and well-being. it can be a practice of yoga, meditation, prayer or study…or all of the above…dedicated to growth, transformation and contentment.

though the sadhana begins with a focused yoga or meditation practice, it is also carried off the mat…using every aspect of life to nurture one’s self and achieve one’s goals.

why do a sadhana?
it’s a way of putting intention into action.

have you been wanting to make a change? a sadhana is a great way to:
// get healthier
// examine and eliminate sources of daily stress
// immerse yourself in learning
// adapt to life’s ever-changing directions
// heal an injury…or a broken heart
// find out what’s really important to you and shape your life around it.

how do i do it?

// establish a set period of time…somewhere between ten days and six weeks works well.
// grab a journal and define your purpose…describe what you want to practice…get as detailed as you like. let your creativity guide you.
// commit to a daily practice of yoga and meditation, ideally one practice in the morning and one in the evening…schedule all the sessions on your calendar, ensure that they are at times that work for you, so that you won’t miss any.
// seek out books, readings and other inspirations that align with your purpose…read or listen to something each day to keep yourself motivated.
// let every aspect of your life become part of the practice: how you eat, what you drink, how you sleep, how you interact with others, how you approach your job and daily tasks, etc.

a sadhana is a great way to take your yoga to the next level through committed practice and inquiry….it’s also a great way to shake things up if you’ve been in a rut, physically or mentally.

throughout each year, we offer various ways to try on the practice — in the studio and on retreat.

our in-studio programs include 40 Days to Personal Revolution, 20 Day Detox, Yoga for Life…and our all-new Summer Sadhana, beginning in June 2108. for more details, send us an email at sadhana@threedogyoga.com.

our retreat programs are special opportunities to see the world through the lens of yoga…to practice, eat well and rest while exploring the world in which we live. it’s a time out…to gain perspective and get back to what’s truly important.

our next opportunity this year is FAR OUT: Yoga in Greece, June 16-23. the retreat is fully booked, but information on our 2019 retreats is coming soon. send us an email at retreat@threedogyoga.com to learn more.