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what’s a mini-retreat?

what’s a mini-retreat?

it’s just common sense: the best time to take a yoga retreat is when you don’t have time to take a yoga retreat.

so, we invented the mini-retreat.

mini-retreats start with a Friday night sweat-out-the-week yoga session and centering meditation. Saturday and Sunday each begin with yoga and meditation; then we take a leisurely break for lunch and return to the studio for workshop, discussion and relaxation.

to make your mini-retreat feel more like a retreat, we’ve got a few suggestions:

  • commit to a NO WORK, ALL PLAY weekend. make plans to finish your work week (and housework week) on Friday afternoon. let yourself stay clear of it ’til Sunday afternoon.
  • plan like you were packing for a trip. have all your yoga clothes and gear ready, so you don’t have to do laundry or hunt for your stuff. one of the best things about being on retreat is the simplicity.
  • make a meal plan. do your grocery shopping. prep your snacks. make reservations at your favorite restaurants. plan to eat healthy, fresh, nourishing food to support your practice. most importantly, know what you’re going to be eating during the weekend so you don’t have to think about it. another truly relaxing part of a real retreat is letting someone else do the cooking (and the dishes).
  • consider a digital detox. putting your phone, iPad and computer away for a weekend is a treat in itself…and will allow you to experience the learning process in a whole new way.
  • clear your dance card. save social events for another weekend. stay in, take a hot bath, snuggle with your kids, read a book or see an uplifting movie. keep your evenings quiet and get some sleep.
  • let your friends and family know you’re on retreat. everyone deserves a weekend off…and everyone can relate to needing some breathing room. leading by example, you might just inspire some relaxation in others.


our next mini-retreat is February 23-25 with Claire Este-McDonald, a master vinyasa teacher from Cambridge, MA. she’ll be taking us through a weekend of Anatomy in Action…if you want to learn more about how yoga works, this is the weekend for you.


ready for a full-size retreat? our next FAR OUT retreat is June 16-23 in Greece! we’re running special pricing for couples through February 14, so grab a friend and let’s get out.