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this month, we’re covering the basics of our Standing Series: strengtheners, balancing postures, and stretches.

they’re the asanas that provide weight-bearing exercise needed for bone health, good posture, and aging gracefully.

they’re also key to developing balance and coordination skills…and they prepare the body for deeper stretch.

when you really get into ’em, they’ll give you a workout, too…building mobility and endurance, while working up a sweat.

throughout may, within our usual vinyasa flow, we’ll do an alignment check on one of our “Top 25” standing postures. we won’t hold it *forever* or work it so deeply you can’t walk the next day, but we’ll refine the details to help you build from the ground up.

here’s what’s on tap:

sunday, may 1: Standing Series Overview
monday, may 2: Virabhadrasana 1 / Warrior 1
tuesday, may 3: Parsvotanasana / Pyramid
wednesday, may 4: Bakasana / Crow
thursday, may 5: Garudasana / Eagle
friday, may 6: Skandasana / Straddle Lunges
saturday, may 7: Parivrtta Anjeneyasana / Twisting Crescent
sunday, may 8: Standing Strengtheners
monday, may 9: Reverse Warrior
tuesday, may 10: Parsvokanasana / Side Angle Pose
wednesday, may 11: Reverse Triangle
thursday, may 12: Ardha Chandrasana / Half Moon
friday, may 13: Virabhadrasana 3 / Warrior 3 or Airplane
saturday may 14: Parivrtta Utkatasana / Twisting Chair
sunday, may 15: Standing Balances
monday, may 16:Virabhadrasana 2 / Warrior 2
tuesday, may 17: Trikonasana / Triangle
wednesday, may 18: Eka Pada Utkatasana / Standing Ankle-to-Knee Pose
thursday, may 19: Vrksasana / Tree
friday, may 20: Malasana / Deep Squat
saturday, may 21: Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana / Twisting Half Moon
sunday, may 22: Standing Stretches
monday, may 23: Reverse Revolved Crescent
tuesday, may 24: Prasarita Pattadonasana / Straddle Folds
wednesday, may 25: Vasisthasana / Side Plank
thursday, may 26: Uttitha Padahastasana / Standing Leg Raise
friday, may 27: Parivrtta Trikonasana / Revolved Triangle
saturday, may 28: Bowing Warrior / Ostrich
sunday, may 29: Standing Asana Playtime
monday may 30: Soooooul Train Jam @ 9a
tuesday, may 31: Standing Series Wrap-up

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