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smarter not harder: pigeon + frog

smarter not harder: pigeon + frog

at three dog, we’re all about learning to work smarter, not harder. 

sure, we love a good sweat…and a good challenge, but we want it to be effective. effective challenge makes us stronger and more flexible without making us stressed out or causing injury.

with that in mind, we’re embarking on a new workshop series and we’re inviting you to come along to learn how you — yes, you — can make your practice smarter and more effective.

first up, we’re tackling the deep hip openers, pigeon and frog.

smart hip openers are great for relieving the tension we experience through sitting, running, and general life stress. they help us move with more ease, improve athletic performance, and ease into a better night’s sleep.

but, when practiced incorrectly or too intensely, hip openers can be painful on the knees, irritating to the sciatic nerve, or just ineffective. learning to work smart is the best way to keep your hip openers working for you.

this sunday at 10:30am, you’ll learn:

…how to get your body ready for deep hip opening.

…how to align these poses properly.

…modifications to help your body get the most from each one.

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